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Technical Specifications - UPVC Windows

1- The clip of the sash is 6.5 cm
2- Double glazing with a thickness of (6-12-6) mm
3- Besha for glass with a thickness of 24 mm

Windows are upvc

With the precision of thermal welding of windows and doors, and not using nails in assembling the corners, rather the sides are thermally welded by a special welding machine to become one part. It is an essential factor for isolating heat, dust and weather factors
This is in contrast to windows manufactured from other systems, where the corners of the window are assembled by means of assembly parts with screws, which may be affected when installed or after use by the leakage of dust and air into the house.

They are considered the best types of soundproof windows because they do not help transmit sound that comes from the street, cars, or sometimes neighbors, and it is best to isolate sound and prevent it from entering. Two layers of glass are used to prevent noise and disturbing sounds, and the use of thermal welding makes the window cohesive as one piece.

Technical specifications of the clips UPVC

The development and modern technology and the search for the best is the basis for the establishment of the company Art windows and doors insulating plastic. UPvc where considered
u-PVC today is the most widely used material in the world in terms of use for the manufacture of doors, windows and other interior and exterior installation materials. Scientists and researchers have confirmed that no other substance will appear in the near term with better specifications in terms of durability and full performance, as well as its advantages, characteristics and economics, to reach large shares in the markets of Europe and America, and it is also spreading rapidly in developing markets such as the Middle East.

Features of UPVC windows insulation profiles

1- Soundproofing
2- Heat and cold insulation (energy saving)
3- It resists moisture and wear and is not affected by acids
4- It is non-flammable and does not conduct electric current
5- It is used in hospitals and inside operating rooms, laboratories and schools, as it is an insulator for fungi and microbes
6- There is a drainage for rain


General technical specifications- UPVC:

- All clips of profiles windows UPVC (first toast).
- Rabeaed is one of the most important elements that resist sunlight and air oxidation and is very resistant to preventing wind leakage.
- All accessories and mounting and fixing screws used carry international Turkish-made specifications.
- All sections are supported by galvanized and stainless steel with a thickness of (1.2-1.5 mm) to achieve maximum endurance.
- All profiles are designed from the inside with special channels to drain water to the outside.
- All corners are welded with thermal welding to ensure complete insulation and non-smuggling of water and air.
Neutral silicone is not subject to mold and moisture.
- All profiles are specially manufactured for the Middle East region, with a 25-year guarantee against color change and wear and tear for the white profile, and 10 years for the wooden color.
- The glass bisha is installed from the inside to ensure that the window cannot be penetrated from the outside.
- Shutter and shutter windows are equipped with screens.


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