Specifications of UPVC Windows

The specifications of our profiles:
Since the basic material is UPVC and as a result of mixing some materials with certain proportions such as impact, calcite, which give the profiled resistance against ultra-violet, cold, and chemicals.
The physical specifications of the strong U-PVC material:


Heat Conductivity

Longitudinal Expansion


Elasticity Module




Resistance with Indent


The Surface Resistance

1.38 -1.4 g/cm (TS-201)

0.13 Kcal/mh C


80.1 0-6/ C


2700 N/mm^2


37.5 N/mm^2


13 Kj/m^2



The Chemical Specifications of UPVC material:
The relevant material is resistant against acids, base, cleaning materials – detergent soap – alcohols, oils, carbonic acid, alkali, gasoline and water.
To prevent the problems that commonly occur during installa - tion processes and manufacturing processes, our company has produced the profiles as containing the (self-gasket) specifica- tion, and this 
Feature has increased the satisfaction of the producer.
The steel reinforcement profiles which are coated with 75-50 micron galvanize has been placed inside of the PVC profiles and the high resistance values against 130km/h speed wind loads have been formed.
The Heat Insulation Values of our profiles:
The basic determinant of the increase in demand for the plastic profiles is the feature of high resistance against the heat insulation, thus, the profiles have been designed as three and four chambered. As seen on the graphics, the four chambers have many values in terms of the heat insulation at profiles.
The Value of our Profile Noise Insulation:
The relevant profiles of us provides a noiseless and comfortable facility according to the profile design, the number of chambers and the gasket system. The special gasket system provides 40-35 noise insulation and alternative spaced double or triple glass application and high number of chambers.

The heat insulation value of the materials which are used during the manufacturing processes are according to (DIN4108)
Plastid (C-PVC) 0.13kcal/mh c 
Wooden material 012kcal/mhc 
Aluminum 175kcal/mhc 
Steel 50kcal/mhc
As seen on the diagram, the heat conductivity of the metal materials (aluminum and  steel galvanized).
For the plastic, in terms of heat insulation, should not be used.
The heat insulation value of our profile is high K=1.4/M when the double glass (4+12+4) is applied on the three chambered profiles. the heat insulation value at the four chambered profiles and triple glass (4+9+4+9+4) application increases as K=1.3w/m. 
The value of water insulation in ourprofiles:
To achieve high water insulation through the water gather- ing channel and water discharge channel. the discharge of water becomes from the sash profile by making 2 slopes and general multi-gasket system.

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