General Features

General features:
UPVC is considered one of the best building materials for heat insulation and it has a high resistance to ultraviolet radiation, and thus maintains its color constancy and it is not affected by heat changes up to 92 degrees Celsius.
Sound insulation:
Our profiles are designed with Multi-chambers to increase insulation and to ensure calm and comfort, and it is supplied with TPE gasket, which gives the profile strong insulation power.
It does not ignite when exposed to flame and in the event of fire and high, but rather extinguishes on its own that case.
Moister and water resistance:
-    It is not affected by water or moisture. Rather, it is used to hide the effects of moisture on ceilings and walls.
-    It is cleanable with water and regular detergents.
-    Resistant to acid and the alkali, it even resists the highly  concentrated  acid without being affected, which is opposite to other materials, it is also an electrical insulator.
-    Mechanical shock resistant.
-    Good looking and attractive constant color.
-    High formability.

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