Windows Comparison Table

Before you think of purchasing the windows of your home or your project, you should ask in change of sales the follow-ing questions:
-    Are these windows resistant to weather conditions such as hear, cold, rain, and air pollution?
-    Are the materials used for tinting and dressing the windows constant and highly durable?
-    Dose the windows profile include insulated air chambers of at least three chambers?
-    Is there an isolation system within the windows?
-    Are windows made of material considered excellent heat insulation?
-    Do windows need permanent maintenance?
-    Will windows be deformed or worn out over time as a result of exposure to moisture and corrosion?
-    Do you provide a written warranty?

If you cannot answer yes to all the above questions, our windows made of UPVC are the economical choice for your project.






Excellent insulation

Do not wear, deform, or twist with time.

The shutter’s corners are thermally welded without screws, which gives high durability and safety in addition to preventing water and air leakage.

Durability and robustness, there is no fear of desquamation and oxidation.

Rarely requires maintenance.

Color constancy and never need to paint.

Provided with insulating gaskets.


It absorbs moisture and this leads to wear, deformation , and leakage of water and air.

It needs external and internal paint and regular maintenance.

Very bad insulator due to its high thermal conductivity.

 It allows the steam to condensate on its surface.

It is oxidative and necrosis especially, in coastal areas.,

It is scratchable and dentable.

The mechanical tension resistance is somewhat limited, but the metal reinforcement within the section solves this problem.

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